A major issue with safety is the lack of tools we have to address issues relating to public safety. At the end of it, we have a situation where money and police presence our often out weighed by what we have on the books to address what people are doing. Look below at some of the current city ordinances. Although this is not all of them, do these issues address problems you see and do you see officers enforcing them? We find that a lot of these go non enforced or are not used to change a area and promote a better way of community conduct.

Policing for Change not for RewardOne major issue with our police force is what they do day by day. When they are on patrol, responding the calls, and enforcing ordinances and statures. The problem is this sounds cut and dry but it is not. There are some very big problems when it comes to the efficiency and accuracy of being in the right places, responding to issues, and being proactive. Right now in many cities, there is a fight between law enforcement and the courts over issues that may be solved easily, sadly we do not have that right nor do we have the ability to force courts to give people the sentence or consequence they deserve for their actions. What we can do is do our best go give neighborhoods a law keeping environment and address people that refuse to act accordingly.

Letting the Wrong Voices Speak? Community Organizations and HOA's often do not address the issues of a community. They focus investment, they focus resources, and they keep a self protecting view of their role and the community. Often times issues are ignored because they do not fit the interest of those who directly get to gain from them and the police department. People have to be heard and we have to find a way to gather information, find its honesty, and ensure it is being applied. Everyone that speaks is not a positive of helpful voice. There is a lot of money to be made in keeping the problem going instead of solving it, and we have to grade people by what they get done not just what they say.


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