For Safety

                                                                                                                               For Safety
    Safety is not a gift its a right. By our handling we have made it a rare gift. Lax courts, lax policing, and a interest in being socially well more then effective. We have to get better at hitting our marks and actually trying to address issues that cause safety. Right now, we have a society that is not law based. We make jokes, often make excuses, and ignore how our system creates criminals. Areas of district 2 have been crime filled for decades, why? We never removed people that set up criminal groups, made a market place to offer employment, and cleaned out the habitats were crime flourished. If we treated safety like we do a district map we would plan our divisions better and not allow the design and assets that are in many neighborhoods. Address the issue, mandate a quality environment, and let no one become a predator to the good work and people that call it home.



Making safety a social crisis and not a data point.

Safety is a interesting word. Most times people look at crime reduction, violent crime levels, homicides. I want to produce a actual safe environment where your changes of having something that endangers your life and property is reduced. No matter if on the streets, in your home, or out shopping the rate and amount of people present that would violate your rights and safety is very councilperson. I use the word social crisis because legalization and not prosecuting does not address the issue. In fact it hurts it because the underline factors and groups we are allowing to form and contribute to crime keeps growing. The black markets, the drug sales, the stolen cars, the thefts, the guns; all the items and marketplaces that keep financing and making our city a target for bad people. Crime is not a crime because of a personal loss but the fact it showcases the mindset of some one who is currently free in our community. Our penal code was based on protecting life, property, and deterring more people from acting in a criminal manor. We have done the opposite, with doll like policing, excuses from the courts, and a general lackluster approach to keep general law on the streets. Looking good and actually being good are different, and it is a understanding that our criminal justice system lacks. That very name show cases the problem, as our focus is to process criminals and not adequately provide justice to victims. Let’s fix the issues while we still have a city that is defend able.




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