Our Policy

Our goal is to promote policies and interests that help us find new revenue to invest in our city, make a more affordable city to live in, and offer plans and services that will encourage a cleaner, more opportunity and safer city in Charlotte, North Carolina.

The goal of our policy and its ideas is to bring the local government back into action and local interests with local priorities. Our goal is to look at the conditions and issues present and address them with things that we can directly do. While getting help from our state legislator is a priority we need to look to the current and future of where we are at to move forward and effectively do the job at hand. That first job comes by having people present that work, represent and have a mentality to move our city forward in the correct ways. We only have time for people who are truly For Charlotte and not various political and social special interests that have driven our policy as of late. We have to make Charlotte more equitable for its people. Our job has to be making and protecting a system that works for the city. Right now, there is opportunity but with ever growing cost and competition from high value operators we are limited in what is do able and available to our citizens in the areas of housing, jobs, and the needs of cost of living. We have to focus on ensuring our departments work, our district issues are addressed, and we are using the issues of today as opportunities for tomorrow. Our focus has to be on people and what it takes for them to live in Charlotte and be successful. The work we have to do comes from misguided investment and failing to keep a eye on what the people we gave opportunity to do with it. So, lets change it, redirect investment and give our people the government they deserve.


A smart economic policy is based upon what opportunity a singular person can make. Also understanding the governments role in the process. Smart tax plans, assisting investment, and ensuring a person bring home a livable wage from their job.

Political Operation

A government can assist the needs of its citizens by a smart political operation plan. What codes are in place, what departments are in our bureaucracy? What types of plans are we putting in place to spur development and create jobs? All these matters fall info political operation.


A community is so much bigger than homes, and yet government has failed to truly connect with that. Most view a community as constituents, and constituents as votes. Those votes are fought for daily, instead of fighting for actual quality of life for those communities. Take a look at the  neighborhood, business, schools, churches, and other social areas that exist with in an area, and that is the community. Its time we truly understood that and worked to defend it.

Law and Order

Law is the code we put in place to enforce. Order is the peace and quality of life those laws are meant to create. Right now we use a "criminal justice" system to process people for their crimes. Instead of being focused on ensuring victims get justice and the percentage of possibly becoming a victim is always decreasing. We are facing some of the most creative criminals of all time due to the technology, tools, and lack of morals people have today, and we must be just as creative in our fight to stop them.

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