Its one Charlotte

Being called the queen city should not mean feudalism outlines our plans . Charlotte needs a identity. A passion against all violence, a focus on quality of life, turning privileges into rights. The fact is in a attempt to have status we forgot to produce substance. This where the restaurants were pride on having in our center city become memories. Communities become crime maps. Where our duty to govern becomes part of another level of governments campaign needs. The question that begs to be asked is what are we, what is Charlotte. The Charlotte I believe in is not a city that inadequately divides its revenue. It is not a city that lies to the North and steals from the South to make its center. The reality is if you fall outside the vision, all of the above is a reality for you. If you work trying to keep the machine going, the reality is probably true. The only people who have gotten to enjoy it are those who can buy their way out, lie their way out, and never have to remain permanently in its borders. Its been Charlotte’s plan to develop a city with a economic base of workers that can not afford to live where they work. The fact is, so many people are close enough to see the vision but not be a part of it. There is no amount of work you can to undo a judge who has a passion for making our citizens lives and property allowable sacrifices in their redemption. There is no amount of education you can gain to fix the fact having decent housing is a rarity in Charlotte even if you provide decent services. Our attempt to have a name has become more important then having a purpose. Can we actually tell you why we seek to do what we do? Can we do something with out their being a crisis or a tragedy. This city did not need a push from a protest to bring in the MLS neither does it need much of a push to always say yea to re zoning even if they present a environmental, economic, or traffic negative to our citizens. This is the sign of paid for policy.We need people who do not put a bid on lives but put a promise to serve and protect and ensure that mentality trickles down to the lowest person in our government. That we are a united team in fixing the issues of our city as one and not as a district, not as a race, not as a neighborhood but as a city. No one is asking for some sort of over the top policy but practicality. Stop governing with closed eyes and having us wish upon a star for basic municipal services. In reality it is one Charlotte. Tax revenue from the south has funded these project. Workers who do hard labor on building and servicing these projects often come from the North and the West. Our east has some of the most ethnic diverse locations any city can offer. When we see this as a whole and ensure each section walks away with a equal share and respect for their time and resources we fix our problem. This is one Charlotte and until we handle our issues, handle our people and govern like it, we have no future no matter what stadium we centrally try to create.

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