What is our city? Do not use the name, talk about a sports team, do not talk about where you work at or who is in office. What makes Charlotte a pace you want to live or what is located here that keeps you here? Our subsidy program brought in business and developed the central uptown area; yet most neighborhoods have not repealed these benefits. It increased crime, made things much more un affordable, and created a environment that with out sufficient capital, was hard to invest in or develop a better quality of life for your self. A lot of this falls onto the private sector; but the government has the authority and power of using public resources and regulation to encourage or press issues for better. We have to support our people in housing, education, and using a charity approach to issues. If we can not provide pathways and centers that offer change then what are we actually doing with our time in office? Every community needs to have a few anchor places that offer a location for action, change and development. The city is the local leader in housing, we need to ensure our local investors and leaders are given tools to make change.

What Housing Crisis?
Instead of making a investment we allow homes like this to become targets for take over that often lead to bad rental operations. We have a situation where instead of making programs for job skills by giving people the chance to work on these homes or getting them marketed to police officers, school teachers, nurses and others. We allow a private company located in another state to buy it, rent it, and forget it. Which often tears down a neighborhood both appearance and safety wise. Our affordable housing situation is answered with homes like these not by building and creating another bubble that will remove even more owners then the last.


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