Can you live in Charlotte? One major problems in major cities is affordability. That affordability is a major equation when it comes to economics, financing public projects, safety, and having a support base for citizens. When people simply work and do not live in a area they are having a expense just to travel and we as a city lose a lot of their time and income as their shopping, educational, and social interests are all located elsewhere. When wealth is put into one location it becomes a immediate target for crime because resources and profit activities are in a small, easily enclosed area. Thefts, robberies, and more will occur simply due to people knowing where the location is to take from. Not only do we have a affordable housing crisis but a basic affordability crisis in many areas. Price of food, price of gas, and the price of healthcare are not under city control; but if we expand competition and options we can make a environment that is more likely to be effective for our citizens. Our officers have added time between shits traveling to out of county locations, often the same for school teachers. This is limiting their time on job and it is a issue that people are serving a community they are not directly a part of, it has to change and it needs to be addressed. Housing is not the only item that is not affordable in Charlotte.

Our Budget Our budget needs to be focused on protecting and investing in Charlotte. Growth alone is not a good factor nor gives citizens what they need. We also can not become over leveraged on projects to look big and become socially important. Our city and county budgets alike are often hard to understand and can only be interpreted by a government member, their writing was made to confuse people on where money goes. We have to invest and make wise choices about where our tax payer money is going and why it is going there. Allowing the city manager to develop a spending plan and simply have a public fight over social items and wages for government employees is not enough nor is it a proper discussion on funding the projects, needs, repairs, and investment our neighborhood needs. The budget is often pre determined and based upon issues and subjects that were put in place by custom and not need. While a lot of information can be gleaned from it, it needs to be effective and community focused.

Over Tax, Under Deliver Taxation with out representation has been a issue for Americans since the start, sadly now its not the right action to dump tea into the water. Our government has stiff penalties for people that fail to pay their taxes, or do they? You can look at the Charlotte and Mecklenburg County Property Tax areas. In our city, the volume of properties taken for tax reasons compared to properties with multi year and thousands owed in tax situations while citizens paying monthly get harassing letters and threats of foreclosure weekly in some cases. The money spent on informing some one of a bill verses the effort to target people with years in delinquency is problematic. On top of this some of these homes are in a dilapidated condition and could be used for better then what they are in our community. We have to think and focus on taxing fairly, equally, and to fund our priorities not to create a purse we blow off on idiotic public spending. Business taxes, sales taxes, and other fees while trying to pay for public services are adding to the cost of living in our city and contribute to part of the affordability crisis.


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