Up keeping our Assets
Roads, public utility, lighting, water systems, even public landscaping. These often look bad, cause damages and put neighborhoods in a bad condition in Charlotte. We have a opportunity to spur our economy and put those with out jobs back to work by making it a priority that these services and interests get addressed quickly, efficiently, and with a mind to keep them repaired.  Leaving our city in a state of disrepair and having to do full replacement jobs is not efficient nor productive for our city.

Focused Codes, Focused Environments
How do we invest in our city with out keeping it clean? You can drive around our city find piles of liter, a house that looks trashy, parks and business lots that simply are not visited due to how they look.  Regular enforcement mixed with better policy on fines and timelines would help to reduce the amount of problems and the time and repetition cleaning them has. Review some of the current code laws for nuisances Charlotte has below.

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