How do we make the World Better?

The main goal of For Charlotte is to have an effect on issues by providing content and tools to the public that focus directly on addressing the problems that attack quality of life and the proper development and success of resources in neighborhoods and business corridors alike. Whether it is crime, education, lack of jobs, cleanliness of neighborhoods, and the response from the people who are elected or hold jobs to address the needs of the people; we are prepared to address the person or issue head on.

What is the value and role of a politician? To stand for a party, to vote as told, to represent the people. Is it a mix of all the above? The factor is that it should not be a question, but a passion mixed with understanding a duty. Our biggest problem is that people who lack a passion, lack a vision, and lack an understanding of what people truly need. To get elected we promise and respond to wants that in all honesty no political, party, or government can provide, and we fail to properly address problems and issues that with focused action, we could truly change. We offer the public resist, free money and services, items that in all honesty never come or fail to be at a scope that was political promised. This is no better seen then in Charlotte. Mainly, in 2016, promises were made that have failed to be effectively kept. We offer ideas and concepts but no solid reforms and then cover it up by trying to bridge people and use our positions for social roles and not true policy and bureaucratic action and investment. In our city, we face high crime locations, economically dead corridors, code violation ridden communities, and infrastructure that is breaking apart. Our city, along with the state, has a duty to address these problems so our people can conduct their lives in the highest quality locations that we can provide. Instead of having true policies and action plans, we promise social actions, charity points, and factors from our personal lives to try and convince people about what we want to accomplish and do. This must change, as people in our city deserve true opportunity and a chance to lead a better life with the opportunity to grow. We have leaders who fail to stand against wrong, stand with anything, and fail to stay loyal to a perspective and work from that point of view. We have had people stand and protest but fail to show the same passion on council, mixing with the rest and being in enigma outside of social and community interests that fail to develop. Enough with putting the duty and blame on people to fix their own locations and on social groups to do the job of the government. It is our job to legislate, to enforce, to investigate, and to hold our own people accountable when plans fail, and situations do not change. The people of this city deserve a council and members of that council who will regularly agree and approve plans, ensure the actions of the people we employ and the service they provide to the community that we work for and represent.


 At Large Candidate Joshua Richardson

Mr. Joshua Richardson is the President of the For Charlotte political team. Growing up on the North West side of Charlotte, Mr Richardson has seen first hand the effect of bad city policy and a lack of a desire to not keep improving.

Brandon Pierce District 4 Candidate

I think our city has a lot of great "Public Figures" but we lack "Public Servants". I hope I can be that servant leader for you and your family. 

My philosophy of government is built on three core principles:

  • The Government does not make up or define the people. It is the people who make up and define the government. 

  • The Government is never the sole solution, it is a "catalyst" to change. Real solutions are found in individuals. 

  • The Government does have a legitimate role in our society. But it's our job as voters to limit that role.

Candidates Pledge
1. I promise to uphold the law and customs of the city of Charlotte , Mecklenburg County and the State of North Carolina.
2. I promise to use the office to which i may be elected to act as a representative and trustee for the people.
3. I promise to act with dignity and respect for the citizens and the office i may hold. To represent it by conducting my self in a honest, honorable manner in all areas.
4. I promise to supervise the actions of our departments and their programs for the good of the people.
5. I promise to ensure honest, clean, and active action by our government. To reduce the power of special interest in our system and to use the resources collected for the good of the people.

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