Policy Points

        Back with Finance
    A government has one way to show its interests how does it spend money? Our budgets is set by tradition, the accounts, spending, and focus is all about pre determined plans and executing a vision. We often need to raise capital and and tax to ever re invest. But we need to put our money where our mouth is and support the good people working to make our city better with funding. Our grants are only a small way to ensure the yearly budget is investing in whats working and changing what is not. So, lets look at this document and ensure the percentages match our needs and that we are paying for a working system not just a impressive piece of paper.

                                                                                                                          Equitable Living
Equitable living does not equal socialism. I am not for a situation for where we all pay for each other as our needs and expense differ. But, you should not go from one part of the city to another and the value of opportunity totally change. We are taxed alike so the resources should be alike. Drive through most communities and you will see one of three things. A mixed environment with business and and housing, a full housing community, or a failing corridor. To often its the later. Rising rent, crime, a lack of multi level jobs; all equal a situation where it is hard for a person to get into the economy. No matter the gdp or tax rate there has to be a affordable way to fulfill the needs of people and ensure our citizens have the resources they need to live well in our city. There is no substitute for hard work but what if there is no where to work at? We forget how many people are having to change careers and relocate to fit in with the economy instead of the economy working for them.  We can change that and ensure that the boundaries of this city have working, walk able, multi skill level opportunities in place to provide for needs and give a outlet for people to work.

                                                                                                                             For Women
    Being for women is not against being conservative. If we fail to address issue relating to a majority of people in Charlotte, who by data are women, we are failing our city. We need to ensure that we not only set a standard but exceed with sense what the standard of living is. Nothing should pain us more then rape and assault cases being some of the highest crimes we face. There are people who targeted our entertainment district, who are serial assaults that are still a part of our community. On top of that the working environment and culture of many of our companies is not one of growth or development but a never ending dating app. This has to change and we have to set a more moral, equal standard. We have to go forward and do better then what we are doing. When we stand for women we are supporting your mothers, our daughters, sisters, wives; any relationship you can have with a woman. Do not let branding or a play on words dismiss you from that.

        For Charlotte, For Women

If we do not support women that what kind of society are we? As a people we owe it all to women, they give us life, yet the problem is we have made a situation where women are disrespected in our society and that Is very wrong. Treating women in the office as eye candy or being unresponsive to ensuring equal pay simply will not cut it. Our job has to be ensuring job opportunities, protecting safety and making health affordable and present. Abortion should not be a option in our modern world because there is no economic, social, or personal reason why a woman should turn to it. Our society should do its best to protect and ensure resources are present to make any child a welcome part of our society. Planned Parenthood and any political minded companies like it should not take the lead on health-care for women by mixing needed services with abortion. Equal pay is not a gift but a right, and we need to ensure that take home pay is going into the pockets of women and not government coffers. They are supporting families and that is something we should not threaten by knowingly allowing them to get less income. On top of that our economy is shifting and we need to make sure that the workforce does not put out working mothers. Most business ventures are putting technology based jobs into place and these can be done off site allowing a woman to both be a mother and be a part of the workforce. If we can look at these things we can make a fairer environment for women in our society.

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