Focused on Secure Development

Why chose the words secure development? Charlotte has been a growing city, with companies and events pouring in. Yet, these changes have left some parts of the city lacking investment while others have lost the community feelings and positive attributes that made them nice to live in, in the first place. Should our city use the platform it now has to match the world, or be a unique place where large and small, city and community meet? The one problem with many large cities is that they lack a community feeling that goes along with a clean and safe environment, a marketplace type of economy where local business and services form the backbone of job and social market, and policies are made to keep the location growing with out losing its culture or value. Right now, Charlotte is an immigrant city. People come from other states and countries to access our job market and position as one of the big cities on the East coast. That has meant our resources; markets, communities, and school are filled to the brim and need to be expanded and new markets created to meet the demand. Does this mean we sell our cities soul just to get the needed assets and to give up the qualities that attracted people here? Is higher crime not a decent signal? Is the inability to keep law enforcement not a decent signal? Is our cities recent political importance not a signal? At no other time has Charlotte had to face issues like these, so it is un charted water which means we need capable, focused people to represent our city. We, due to our interest in being a world class city, now face world class problems, and we need world class solutions to balance the demand and needs. The plan this group wants to lay out is focused on securing our city, ensuring a open economic market, and making sure our government is doing its role to our people can succeed and make our city not a destination to travel but a place to call home like we do.


We have one job in government, to ensure a open market place exists. Charlotte does not have that. Some areas are over populated while others are totally depleted. We have to be focused on ensuring investment is spread around and that marketplaces exist in every area of our city.  We also have to ensure that business can be done in this city with fair regulation and good workforce development from our school and higher education systems.


Do we go by data or by our eyes. When true change occurs it is visible appearances that show the work and implementation of good changes to make a area better. In the course of being a world class city, we have attracted some bad actors to our city. We have to be focused and creative in addressing them and ensuring that element does not grow and that our communities stay secure.

Government Role

Our city council has made a mockery out of being a elected representative. Making crazy comments in debates, running from our local sheriff's, making idiotic comments on social media, getting into fights on council, and failing to take up the issues of our city seriously. Our government has a role in being a advocate, ensuring policy and plans are implemented, and ensuring that the public sector system is working well and orderly. The current group of people have failed to do that by any means.



Affordability is key to our city. Right now our city lacks that affordability. From the cost of housing to government implemented fees and taxes. We have to lower the cost of living in Charlotte across the board and not just making promises to build more low income apartments.



Our communities are the hear of our city. Where people live and why they live there is key to the value and quality of life we have. Yet, often times issues with nuisances, cleanliness, properties, and the ownership of homes turns good areas into crime ridden economic failures. We have to focus on addressing problems that took our neighborhoods down and ensure they are being populated correctly and with longevity in mind.


Bad roads, running water, over grown properties. A city is judged by its appearance and currently our city does not look very good when compared to a lot of other places. The broken windows theory states that a place that looks like crime is more likely to produce crime or give the feeling that a less then legal social atmosphere is okay. For many neighborhoods, it is not a theory but a reality. The landscape is not tended to, trash is allowed to pile up and public infrastructure is not cared for. Our government should be working to hold those accountable that do not care for the value and appearance of our city. This issue is greater then just crime, it reduces investment, costs the value and selling opportunity of property and leads to bad investment such as alcohol and gambling centers taking root and what could be a vibrant mixed use neighborhood. We have the ball in our court to make better decisions and take action while it can still be taken.


What is our city? Do not use the name, talk about a sports team, do not talk about where you work at or who is in office. What makes Charlotte a pace you want to live or what is located here that keeps you here? Our subsidy program brought in business and developed the central uptown area; yet most neighborhoods have not repealed these benefits. It increased crime, made things worse, and created a environment that with out sufficient capital, was hard to invest in or develop a better quality of life for your self. A lot of this falls onto the private sector; but the government has the authority and power of using public resources and regulation to encourage or press issues for better. We have to support our people in housing, education, and using a charity approach to issues. If we can not provide pathways and centers that offer change then what are we actually doing with our time in office? Every community needs to have a few anchor places that offer a location for action, change and development. The city is the local leader in housing, we need to ensure our local investors and leaders are given tools to make change.


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