Be For Something

Too often politics showcases what we are against instead of what we are for. Modern democratic representation has become a oxymoron. Its a game of appearance and smoke and mirrors policy that produces the same actions approached by different angels. People mix faith, experience, perspective, and a need of promises. Our goal should be to outline to be for something and to put aside the game in sight of actual gains. Being the difference requires us to be different and not profess a difference that we never implement. Our morality is that people matter and that we are pro life for the whole life. Cities and states alike have put forth protection of the rich, a reduction in needed funding, and relying on the productivity of their people to keep expanding unneeded needs and resources. It is the resource, creativity, and protection of society comes from people nota political class. Its our job to unite the people and give them something to be for to better our communities, cities, states and nation by keeping the focus.

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