Do we want to live or do we want a life? Policy show cases how we think about things and what is simply a issue verses something being unfortunate. Our city made center city a priority. Partner organizations were set up, tax districts were created, transit plans were made and were created centers of society to bring people in. We show brilliance and a interest in designing a vibrant community that imagination and strategy was never seen anywhere else in the city. We all pay taxes, we all support the city through our jobs and skills; yet we do not get to benefit in those rewards. The issues of economic mobility, a lack of safety, and racial issues come from people not getting to enjoy that very things that they work for and blame each other for the the failures of the political system. The point of taxes was to defend the land, ensure order, and protect a good economic system. Never to be welfare but to ensure the people fared well. We are missing our role and the dereliction of our duty brings us to this situation. We have a 2.6 billion dollar budget in the city, 1.9 billion dollars in the county and literally have done so little. Its a members only club to break into center city or south park to finally find succeed and a enjoyable life. This is the inequity and lack of equality that we need to be against. Not by giving more services but by ensuring people can make services. Not by subsidizing the cost but by making lower costs through increased competition. Yet, when your government is asleep or buy able through donations they never want to change this. Why are we okay with money determining elections and funds having a larger impact then the issues? Why do we settle for governmental staff running the city instead of our elected representative. Why we do we settle for playing democracy instead of actually having it? Our politics has to change and it only changed when we value policy more than political personalities. Safety, a good economy, affordability, and a healthy environment are not political chips but promises that we need to make priorities. People do not vote because no matter who gets elected they play the same game. Making the same promises and letting our staff get away with failing to make a difference. Staff themselves are put into a box as politicians limit their strategy and ability to make change to stay politically safe and be in a prime position to win the next election. Good ideas are not based upon party but based upon the heart of the people inside that party. While some strike right when it matters, both ends are behind the arc. Because we forgot what has taken us here and the values that people invested in us to get to where we are. We have a duty to make a difference and strike nerves if it means we bring better results for people. Not to be good members of a party but to be people of the state and putting the needs first. I want to reset our line of thought and put priorities into action that actually works. Not waiting for events, spending huge sums of money, and lying through our teeth to keep a office. It has to change and we can change it. Our question is will we? Will we set our ads to the side to advice on a policy that works best for all. Will we set our policy aside to put equality and protecting our heritage into the same city? Its not as hard or as radical as we make it sound. Our issue is we have let the lies of politics keep us from good policy. Our eyes have the scales over them from the satisfaction of others instead of gaining security for our selves. Its no longer about center city but the whole city. That is the goal of For Charlotte and the For Coalition and I hope its a goal you also can be a part of.

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