What brings you to politics is often what keeps you involved. It is also the determining factor in how much of a stress verses success you view it as. I joined politics because when I saw outside my door verses turning on my television, I saw two different worlds. I could see a Charlotte on the news that was vibrant, developing, filled with opportunity. My reality was a lot less then that. Shooting was common, driving 3 miles out to go to a good store was a fact, and living in a dirty environment was a daily fight. For some people its a similar story for others its different. Some of us suffer in a unequal society where our ideas force us out. Others face a rising cost of living where they are forced to move in place of a bigger business. Some people are losing the communities they have called home for years for new developments. Our city has been brilliant working on center city but never this community. Somehow we are supposed to enjoy success by proxy. That some how if sports stays we have success. The members of our city council and county commission represent a party that is against trickle down economic but it is exactly what we do. Instead of direct investments, cutting spending to do a art fo make our city affordable. The bigger the stadium the more money it has to make but we have no answers to fix food deserts. This approach comes from the disconnection and a reliance on people being satisfied with playhouse democracy. That the yearly vote and a promise of social change is going to feed the hungry, open up housing, and give our city safety. It never has and never will. We have to step up and demand change, demand investment, and craft a policy agenda that puts our people first. We only have the future if we take it from them.

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