Give our city a second chance.

Charlotte is one of the largest cities in our country. That status sadly comes with problems. With simple policy and application changes, we can keep our growth secure and safe for years to come.


I am asking for donations so we can get the message out about our city, and move forward to make change and bring results to people. Holding government accountable and making policy for people that matters. Join us in making our city better.

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Our coalition is focused on our city. Building investment, secured opportunities, and developing our local citizens to determine the future of our city. Our government is not really focused on us but on interests and groups that make Charlotte look like a big city instead of being focused on quality of life in our neighborhoods and business corridors.


District Quality of Life

Supporting our People

Why join us?

Represent the People

One problem about our city is that the people who have been given office do not represent or work in ways that make up the backbone of our city. Most of them live or work in very successful areas of Charlotte.


Our city has yet to use its legislative power to change how the city and its departments does its role to better address how we tackle our cities problems.

Focused Role

We want to use the power of our local government to be focused on our people. Charlotte has grown and in a attempt to be a big American city is losing the qualities that made it a good city to call home.


Our government has shown a incapability to be serious and to comment on all issues that our city faces, just not the easy ones or topics that fit in with our political goals.

Step-by-step plan to make our city better.

Step 1

Review and discuss our city policies of budget, taxation, investment, government departments, policing plans, and our public projects to find areas where we can push for investment, reform, and new policy to better align our government priorities and needs to that of what problems are in the city and the needs of our people.

Step 2

Upon completion of detailed reviews, we will need to implement the changes and ensure that the right work and issues are being addressed by the right people. Along with ensuring that we have a public work force that is accountable and efficient in getting the work done.

Step 3

Use the publicity of the city offices and keep pressing for the improvement and implementation of the approved plans. Find ways that citizens can be a part of the change and developing and working with community groups and projects to keep changes growing and successful.

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